Project: Active load with microcontroller – Part 4: Firmware

This is a follow-up post to my previous project page Part 3 (Schematic, layout and pictures).

At this point the hardware development is finished and fortunately nothing blew up as I had plugged in a voltage source for the first time. 😉 But of course there is no functionality yet. The load sinks (nearly) no current which is a good sign because all port pins of the microcontroller are in a high impedance state while there is no firmware on it. That means the setpoint current and also the actual current of the current control loop are (nearly) zero (the opamp input “sees” ground). This is considered a safe state as nothing bad can happen in this case: no functionality – but also no potential to destroy something.

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RFM69 C++ driver library for STM32 (and other controllers)

I recently developed a protocol agnostic driver library for HopeRF’s RFM69 modules. Protocol agnostic means that you get full control over the module and the data packets that you want to send or receive. You can use this library for receiving packets from existing commercial devices like temperature sensors, or you can set up your own RF network using your own protocol. Continue reading “RFM69 C++ driver library for STM32 (and other controllers)”